The fabric of the Hall


The problem of the Village Hall flooding in heavy rain was rectified during the year.  This was the first step in the overall scheme of works to protect the entire village from flooding.  The outside wall and gate were rearranged, and a double gate system was installed, so that the exit from the Village Hall grounds would be safer for children.  The project was managed by David Smith and Geoff Jackson, and the Committee is grateful for their time.


The hot water boiler in the kitchen has been replaced.


A defibrillator has been attached to the outside wall of the Hall, and a sensor light has been installed above it.


During the past year some of the internal paintwork has been touched up, and work will shortly start on maintenance of the outside window frames.


The Committee decided to set aside £1,200 annually with the objective of building up a fund to meet the cost of future repairs to the Hall that we anticipate will be required over the next few years.


Fund raising


During the year the Committee held a Bat Evening, raising approximately £100.


200 tea towels were printed with a facsimile of the ‘In Case of Invasion’ notice for Messing from the Second World War.  All but 4 have been sold, and a profit of just over £500 has been made.

Changes in Committee Members


Ros Bryant moved away from Messing and consequently resigned as Chair and as a Trustee of the Village Hall during the year.  Her contribution during her time on the Committee has been enormous, and our thanks go to her.


Patricia Craig has taken over as Chair.


Steve Smith has continued as Treasurer, and has kindly agreed to take on the role of Secretary as well.


Mary Mann, who joined the Committee this year, has taken over responsibility for managing fundraising and marketing.


Andrew Lucas, who joined at the same time, has taken on responsibility for technical matters.

Helen Longman has continued to oversee the day to day running of the Hall.

The Committee is extremely grateful for all the support and help it has received from many people during the year.  Our particular thanks go to Paula Clark, who has helped out with some of the ongoing admin for the Village Hall Committee;  to Fran Chambers and Mike Sibthorpe, who have always been ready to help out when needed;  and to
Geoff Jackson,
who has maintained and updated the Village Hall website.


Village Hall hirings


The Village Hall hire agreement was revised and updated during the year.  At the same time a review of hire rates was carried out, with particular reference to comparing our rates with other village halls of a similar size.  As a result, a small increase in rates for regular hirers will take effect from 1st May 2016.


Regular hirings have steadily increased throughout the year, and the Hall is now booked at least two times every weekday.  At the time of preparing this report, the Hall is used regularly for the following activities:


• Pilates

• Dog training

• Yoga (3 different varieties)

• Circuit training

• Drama group

• Art Club

• Craft sessions

• Wine Club

• Carpet Bowls Club

• Meditation

• Youth Group

• Martial Arts sessions

• Ballroom Dancing


In addition, the Hall continues to be very popular for children's parties, and is now gaining a reputation as a good venue for adult parties as well.


The village hall committee can always use help with the running of the village hall.


If you would like to help in any way please read the section of the village hall web site named Can you Help.

Annual Report from the Chair of Messing Village Hall Committee on their activities for the year ended 30 April 2016