Annual Report to the Parish Council for year ended   30th April 2019

Committee members

During the year the Committee welcomed a new member, Justina Rhodes. She has already made a valuable contribution.

The Committee is comprised of seven members, performing the following roles within it. These may change after the coming AGM.


Mary Mann - Chair

Patricia Craig - Treasurer

Julia Scott - Secretary

Steve Smith - Bookings Secretary

Andrew Lucas - Buildings Manager

Bob Suckling - Maintenance Manager and PC representative

Justina Rhodes - Assistant Treasurer


Village Hall Activities

The Committee wish to thank the regular hall hirers for their continued support and for the positive feedback it has received, both from them and the hall users. Most daytime calendar slots are now booked, to the point where potential hirers are unfortunately being turned away.

Through its regular hirers the hall provides the following activities:

Various yoga classes
Pilates and Posture Pilates
Art Club

Book Club Wine Club
Carpet Bowls
Dog Training


The Village Hall is also host to many regular private hirings in both the Main Hall and Meeting Room. These cover a wide range of activities including, drama classes for home educated children, training events for Safehouses Fostering Services and a quilting group.

The Village Hall continues to provide a venue for many and varied occasional hirings, from birthday parties to large charity raising events.

The Committee is pleased to support the work of the Friends of Messing Church and The Parish Council by waving the charge for the hire of the Village Hall.



The Committee recognise that the health and safely of hirers and hall users is paramount. With this in mind, hinge guards have now been installed on all doors in the hall.  These prevent fingers being trapped in closing doors and we feel that the expenditure, although significant, was justified.


The hallway corridor and kitchen have been redecorated thereby maintaining the general appearance of the Hall.

The lighting in the main hall continues to give problems, as after 7 years various components are failing. The replacement of all the lights with new LED fittings is under consideration, and whilst this will be expensive, it should resolve the ongoing problem.

The lights on the storeroom have also been a problem for a while. Both the lights and the movement detector have now been replaced with modern fittings, and there is a considerable improvement.

The main front door lock has had to be replaced, after the internal workings became defective. The mechanism which operates the opening of the front doors has failed and needs to be replaced. As the doors are deteriorating the Committee will also need to decide whether to renovate or replace them.

An emergency entry lock has been fitted to the rear fire escape doors, to give a second point of entry.

New locks have been fitted to all toilet doors.


Village Hall website

The Committee has revised the Hire Rates and Booking Forms as they appear on the website. The General Conditions document was reviewed, and some changes made. All hirers have been contacted and in signing have agreed to adhere to them.

We wish to thank Geoff Jackson for his continuing support in maintaining and updating our website.

Community Engagement

The main aim of the Village Hall is to provide a service for the community of Messing and Inworth, offering a venue for events which cater for the wide and varied needs of all residents. Whilst the Committee is happy to host an ever-growing number of sporting and leisure activities it was agreed that more was needed to be done to attract young families. To this end a Bangers and Bingo afternoon was held which proved to be very successful. The Committee wish to facilitate more events of that nature.

Sadly, the Messing Mums Group had to close due to a lack of numbers. However, feedback received by members of the group spoke of a positive experience and felt they had made new friends. Some continue to meet in their own homes. They also wished to express their thanks to Elaine Smith who established it.

The Committee is supportive of many of the activities linked to Friends of Messing Church and the wider community. A programme of supervised landscaping and gardening works was undertaken by a group of people fulfilling their Community Service Orders. The Committee agreed that the hall facilities could be used by the workers. It would like to thank them for their hard work, including weeding alongside the Village Hall.

The Committee is engaged in talks with a broadband company who wish to provide fibre broadband to residents. They wish to use the Village Hall as a vehicle from which to run it.

Messing Village Hall now has its own Face Book group with the aim of reaching out to more people.

Future Plans

The Committee is working to produce a more stream-lined system of internet-based data storage. It is to be hoped that this will provide greater security of data whilst being easily accessible to Committee members.

Repairs are to be made to the main hall ceiling followed by its redecoration.

Replacement of the main hall lighting.

Repair the opening mechanism that operates the front doors and investigate the possibility of renovating or replacing them.

The Committee is considering running more family orientated events that attract all ages.


Mary Mann,

Chair of the Management Committee. 20th May 2019.


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