Committee members

We welcomed two new members, Bob Suckling and Julia Scott, to the Management Committee during the year.  They have already made a valuable contribution.

With the Committee now comprising seven members, we are proposing to reallocate the elected officer positions after the coming AGM, as follows:

  Mary Mann       Chair

  Patricia Craig    Treasurer

  Julia Scott         Secretary

  Steve Smith      Bookings Secretary

  Helen Longman

  Andrew Lucas

  Bob Suckling

Policies and Procedures

We carried out a major review of our policies, systems and procedures during the year, not only to ensure compliance with Charities Commission and statutory requirements, but also to support the day to day running of the Hall.

 Although this task is not complete, a good start has been made.  In particular, we have reviewed and revised the following policies:

    Health & Safety Policy

    Child and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy

    Finance Policy

    Equal Opportunities Policy

    Environmental Policy                                          
    Reserves Policy

Village Hall Activities

The Hall is in use most days of the week for a variety of regular activities, including:

Art Club  -  Pilates  -  Yoga and Chair Yoga  -  Drama Club  -  Dog Training  -  Carpet Bowls  -  Book Club  -  Wine Club  -  Youth Group  -  Ballroom Dancing  -  Crafts Club  -  Martial Arts  -  Coffee Mornings  -  and Parish Council Meetings.

Many of these activities are run by Messing residents on a voluntary basis.  The Committee is grateful for their commitment and enthusiasm.

During the year, the Committee initiated a new activity aimed at offering young Messing families an opportunity to meet on a regular basis.  “Messing Mums” has been a great success, and our thanks go to Elaine Smith and Donna Rimovsky for their hard work in setting up and then running these events.

The Hall is popular as a venue for other occasional events and private functions, including children’s parties, wedding receptions, funeral teas, village social functions, and occasional fund raising events.





The exterior woodwork of the Hall was repainted during the year.

Racks of shelving have been installed in the store room, which has created more storage space and order.

The Hall lighting system has needed attention on and off throughout the year as various components and fittings have failed; but all is now working efficiently.  A remaining task is to separate the controls for the main hall and for the meeting room.

Brian Duffield has retired as the Hall caretaker, and we thank him for his conscientious and willing service over many years.


Village Hall website

This has been revised and updated.  More pages have been added to allow the insertion of photos showing the activities in the Hall, and to create a ‘comments’ page.  We have received very positive feedback on both changes.

Funding Strategy and Reserves Policy

The Committee manages the Hall on a self-financing basis, including retaining sufficient reserves to meet routine maintenance expenses.  The contributions made by users of the Hall are set to achieve this.

Future Plans

The Committee intends to make a detailed inventory of all Village Hall assets.

The Committee intends to carry out a review of all maintenance requirements, and prepare a detailed schedule with estimated costings.

The area outside the back of the Hall has the potential to add to the attractiveness of the hall for summer events and we are going to investigate the best way to achieve this.

The Committee is considering the feasibility of offering an indoor games session, for which it would provide two table tennis tables and a billiard table.


The village hall committee can always use help with the running of the village hall.


If you would like to help in any way please read the section of the village hall web site named Can you Help.


Patricia Craig, Chair of the Management Committee. 7th May 2017.

Annual Report from the Chair of Messing Village Hall Committee on their activities for the year ended 30 April 2017

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