Below you may find the answers to some questions that may arise. If the answer is not here please E-Mail the Hiring Manager.

Q:-  Are there any events that are unable to take place?

A:- We are unable to accept bookings for teenage parties. Most other events can be accepted, but the Committee may decline any booking that does not meet our criteria.

Q:- What equipment can we bring into the hall?

A :- Please ask the Hiring Manager if you wish to bring equipment into the hall so that we can check suitability. We ask that the halls floors and carpets are treated with respect and that any dirt, small stones and anything else that may cut into the flooring or damage it in any way be removed. We would also ask that any activity should not take place in black soft soled shoes as they mark the floor.

Q:- What hours is the hall available for hire ?

A:- Normally the hall is available between 8am and 11pm or by arrangement. No parties are allowed to continue after 11pm.

Q:- Can we access the hall earlier than booked?

A:- If the hall is available we are able to let you have early access. We advise you to pre book and pay for the time for setting up and clearing away so that the hall can be made available exclusively for your use, as when you start to set up we are unable to offer the hall to other hirers. Please make any suppliers aware of your booked times.

Q:- Is there parking at the Hall?

A:- The Hall doesn’t have a car park but you can park on the road outside. We request that cars are not parked on the pavement as the pavements are narrow and poor parking means that pushchairs and wheelchairs are forced into the road to get past.

Q:- Are there any discounts for a charity event or can we have the hall for free?

A:- We are sorry to say we are unable to offer the hall for free use as we are a charity and have high overheads to pay. The management committee will consider any application for a discounted hire fee for a charity event at its next committee meeting.  It is recommended you make your written application as early as possible and send it to the Hiring Manager.

Q:- How many tables, chairs and crockery do you have and is it included in the hire fee?

A:- All the items mentioned above are included in the hire fee although there is a limited amount of crockery at the hall. We would be happy to arrange a viewing for you to inspect the facility to see if it is suitable for your needs. There are 5 oblong tables (approx 6ft by 3ft), 5 small tables (approx 3ft by 3ft) 10 round tables (5ft diameter) and 100 chairs.

Q:- What happens with alcohol and running a bar at the hall?

A:- There are three options

  1. You can supply the alcohol and give it away to your guests for free
  2. You can ask guests to bring their own for their own consumption
  3. You can apply for a Temporary Events Notice License and this will enable you to sell alcohol yourself or you can employ the services of a landlord who may apply on your behalf and run the bar for you

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